Edition #001

Welcome to the Analytics Note, a new note from Nudge. We have done a weekly note at the intersection of advertising, media & content and decided to add another string to our bow.

The Analytics Note is planned bi-weekly, or fortnightly. We think it will most vibe with, folks interested in strategic analytics, where analytics is at its prime, where it aids, guides & informs business decisions.

With a slight over index into digital/product/marketing as that is where a lot of the industry is at. We will touch on the other emerging areas of analytics, like AI, augmented reality/internet of things.

Why analytics? Well it is what we do, and we feel like the analytics conversation is disparate and by connecting folks we can help advance it. To what end? Helping analytics become more strategic & linked to business goals. Who is this for? Anywhere from the intern through to the C suite..

The format of the newsletter is to highlight any notable stories, identify new & hot companies with relevant deals or M&A/investments, and/or case studies & data. As we feel it out, we will adjust the format based on feedback. We would also love to highlight other data & analytics podcasts, newsletters or resources, so if there’s any you rate, please share.

We are less likely to go deep, into developer guides or data cleansing, but more likely to go broad. To find trends, to highlight things that are working, the people, companies & tools that are making them happen.

Like our regular note, our aim, is over a year a subscriber would learn a dozen or so meaningful things and been kept abreast of the industry & changes. With the opening, we try to find an interesting angle or lens on the weeks stories or recent events.

I thought the first edition I would touch on one of my earliest memories and use of analytics. Seems a fitting topic for a first edition. And that earliest memory was putting a web counter on my first html web page. Late 90s. When the web came over the phone lines, and browser tabs did not exist. It kind of looked like this:

When anyone visited your website, the counter would go up by 1. Even if you visited ha. That was it. But boy was it exciting when you came back and saw that the number had gone up! Where had they come from? What did they like? Some might have even left a note in your guest book. A digital guest book. Pre-dating comments.

In hindsight, it’s kind of amusing that you had to visit the website to see the data. But this pre-dated web applications ha. These days, a first brush with analytics, might be likes or views on social content. Or screen time data on a device. Simple feedback loops.

Notable stories this week

  • IAS announces first attention product to unify media quality and eye tracking.

  • Facebook rolls out ‘link history’ for all users and uses data for targeted ads.

  • Google just disabled cookies for 30m Chrome users. Here’s how to tell if you’re one of them.

  • Google flaunts concurrency, optimization as cloud rivals overhaul platforms.

  • Future predicts in-house measurement will spur more US ad spend.

  • Google Chrome’s cookie phase-out: what you need to know.

  • Agencies eye synthetic data to help train and test AI.

  • Reddit’s CMO on why being a ‘full-stack’ marketer prepared her for a life in digital brands.

  • Google settles $5b privacy lawsuit over tracking users in ‘incognito mode’.

  • Someone tried Data Analysis ChatGPT Plugin - every analyst’s dream or a nightmare in disguise?

  • Is Linux on the rise?

  • Open-source customer data platforms: Can you unleash your data for less?

  • Why do analytics teams fail?


  • SynMax Raises $13m for satellite data analytics.

  • PolicyMap: Geographic data and analytics platform closes $3m.

  • YouGov acquires KnowledgeHound

Data visualization of the week

Smartest commentary

  • “When analytics is harmoniously integrated into product development and design, it serves as a revenue driver, not a cost center. When I see analytics teams thrive, it's generally because the team -- and the infrastructure it builds and maintains -- is viewed as fundamentally vital to the company's product vision.

    But analytics teams often fail. And when they do, they are viewed as cost centers and are generally treated as service organizations (or, worse, task-oriented support).“ -Eric Seufert.

  • "Getting access to the data is the hardest part of the job" -Reddit.

  • ^^ Every in-house person knows this!

Datapoints of note

- 2023 Chief Data Officer Council Survey Results. ~14% overall increase in respondents having a Central Data Team as opposed to a one-person CDO Office.

- Data Analytics market to grow to $115b by 2028.

- Online holiday spending jumps nearly 5% to record, Adobe Analytics says.

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